Designed in Australia and loved around the world, our focus is on creating premium, wearable and unique eyewear using the best materials.

Our Materials.

We are relentless in creating the most affordable and high-quality eyewear. Our latest collection is crafted using bio acetate, the bio-based, bio-degradable, preferable offspring of acetate — *without the use of fossil fuels. Made from responsibly harvested wood pulp, this is a natural, renewable, and biodegradable alternative that is better for our ecosystem and our environment.


At SODA we believe in designing products responsibly - for people who believe in the beauty of true craftsmanship. When designing, we strive to make sure that every aspect of our products are made in a more considerate and conscious way.


Acetate is largely used to manufacturer eyewear. It’s a high quality, durable material made from cotton and wood pulp based fibres. In the past, to convert raw organic material into usable acetate, a plasticiser is required in the process and its usually fossil fuel based. Thankfully our new range is converted using bio based material only, which is kinder to the planet.


Our core collection is fitted with polarised lenses offering 100% UV protection in every pair of our sunglasses, and our optical range is complete with blue-light blocking technology.


Our Designs.

Starting from a classic, clean silhouette, SODA has gradually built up an impressive collection, currently comprising of timeless yet cutting edge shapes. Silhouettes like the Hailey, Cassie and Riley, or distinctly feminine models like the GG and Aries, have become staples of SODA’s collections and a continuous source of inspiration and playful interpretation by the brand's creative team.


SODA designs contain a blend of subtle architectural themes as well as strong fashion references, perfect for poolside, sporting or sipping latte's at your favourite haunt. 

SODA; The brand you didn’t even know you were thirsty for. The taste of summer, the look of a sun-daze. Travelling the world & chasing Summer, we like to see things differently. 
Let us take you somewhere you want to go. Somewhere you want to be. And most importantly, somewhere you want to see.
We can't wait to #seethroughsoda with you.